Ways to entertain your kids at home

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During this tough era of #SocialDistancing and #Self-Isolation, there may be times when your youngsters are required to stay home from school.

To ensure they don't miss out on learning (and to try and keep them busy so you don't have to sacrifice some of that much-needed 'me time') we've compiled a list of useful learn-at-home resources.

Offline activities

Board games - Here's some classic ones to play with the kids
Puppet shows - Target and Big W sell puppets if you don't have any, or you could make your own!
Active indoor games - Here's 25 activities to keep your kids active inside
Active outdoor games - Here's 12 games to play outside
Get musical - Music With Lindsay is a great channel to follow if your kids are keen to learn
Cooking - Check out these easy baking recipes

Some fun & engaging online resources

BrainPop - Free Learning during School Closures
Curiosity Stream - Documentaries
Tynker - Coding for Kids
Outschool - Live Online Classes
Udemy - 100,000 Online Courses
iReady - Curriculum Associates Assessments
Beast Academy - Math
Khan Academy - Free Online Learning
Creative Bug - Creativity Classes
Discovery Education - Learning Through Discovery

YouTube Channels

Other specific resources:

Travel The World:

Learn At Home:

Thinking Games:

Some helpful free learning websites

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