10 things to do on your Balcony

Adorable little girl watering plants on the balcony on a nice sunny day

Are you and your kids stuck inside in self-isolation? Are you looking for a way to give them some time outdoors to enjoy the sun, but you don't have a backyard?

Don't worry Nature Play Queensland have shared with us some fun things for the kids to do on your balcony!

  • Put on your scientist hat and record every insect and bug you can see, whether they fly, crawl or slide. You could even take photos of each one, identify them and create a report!
  • Sit out on your balcony and do a drawing of everything you can see!
  • Stand on your balcony with your eyes closed and count how many different sounds you can hear. You could make a tally and even categorise them e.g. birdsong, traffic, sounds from inside home.
  • Find some binoculars and ‘go bird searching’ from your balcony. See how many different birds live in your area. If you don’t have binoculars you could make some from a couple of empty toilet paper rolls!
  • Sing a song out on your balcony the neighbours can enjoy. Maybe they’ll even sing one back to you!
  • Sit on your balcony with a pen and paper and let everything you can see, hear, smell and feel inspire your very own story.
  • Build a fort on your balcony using whatever in on the balcony and what you’re allowed to use from inside, you might have to be inventive with this one!
  • Take your favourite book to read out on the balcony.
  • Find some seeds (tomatoes, apples and citrus fruits will all have some) and ‘plant’ them in an empty cardboard egg carton. If you don’t have soil or compost to cover them with, try coffee grounds for tomato seeds. They love the acidity!
  • Invent your own game you can play with your family on your balcony, be as creative as you like!

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10 things to do on your Balcony, thanks to Nature Play |

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