10 Things to do in your Backyard

Funny little boy playing with garden sprinkler in sunny backyard. Preschooler child having fun with spray of water. Summer outdoors activity for kids.

Are you and your kids stuck inside in self-isolation? Are you looking for a way to give them some time outdoors to enjoy the sun?

Don't worry Nature Play Queensland have shared with us some fun things for the kids to do in your own backyard!

  • Obstacle Course: Create your own obstacle course using simple items that are available. Set up different stations and make it a challenge to beat your own times. This is fun for the whole family!
  • Water Games: There are many water games to play in the backyard, including: water balloons, water pistols, using food colouring in water play, floating toy boats in buckets and more!
  • Build a Cubby House: Create your own special spot outside to play in and even have a picnic. Use items like sheets hanging over the clothesline or a tree; even large boxes make fun outdoor spaces!
  • Ball Games: Play piggy in the middle, catch, roll ball, tunnel ball, poison ball, backyard soccer.
  • Chalk Drawing: This is a cheap and easy outdoor activity for the backyard. Simply provide outdoor chalk and children can draw and create on the concrete.
  • Wash Toys: Washing toys can be fun! Think a car wash with shaving cream and a tub of water or sudsy water to wash doll clothes or hair.
  • Paper Planes: Have a paper plane challenge. You can Google templates to use, and then have a challenge to see how far family members can throw the planes in the backyard.
  • Blow Bubbles: Blowing bubbles is always a hit. Keep them in the cupboard for a lazy afternoon of fun.
  • Dinner Picnic: The summer months are a good opportunity to head out for an early family picnic dinner. The good thing about this idea is you can keep inside mess to a minimum.
  • Mud Kitchen: Kids love mud! Find a spot in the corner of the backyard for a mud kitchen.

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10 Things to do in your Backyard, thanks to Nature Play |

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