Creating A New Routine For Your Pet While At Home

Young male person teaches his dog in the town. Having pets in a city concept: man trains his puppy obedience exercises

Pets need routine just like their owners, and right now everyone’s is a little out of whack!

You might have seen the meme floating around Facebook that shows a dog hiding from an owner who is trying to take them for a walk, with a caption to the effect of “No way! Everyone in this house has walked me today!”

Pets may be confused and even a little spooked by the fact their owners are spending more time at home lately, so ease them into an increase in exercise and mental stimulation.

A great way to do this is by taking breaks from your work to do 15-minute skill sessions with your pet. Below are some skills you might like to work with them on:

  • Developing manners at mealtimes - rather than just placing a food bowl down in front of them, try spreading food in the yard for pets to find or placing food inside a soft drink bottle to slow things down.
  • Backyard agility courses - use anything you can find around the home as obstacles (here’s some inspiration from The Can Do Dude)
  • Playing tug of war!
  • Teaching them to do tricks - like speak, shake, crawl, rollover, spin in a circle, and jump over something (this short training video from Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution covers them all!)

Have fun creating a new routine with your pets!

Image: Bigstock