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Michael Jackson

The trickle of music from late pop icon Michael Jackson  since his death in 2009 has frustrated some fans who anticipated a more robust posthumous stream of unheard tracks from the notorious studio rat musician. And while no new albums have been announced from the team running the King of Pop's estate recently, a rare collection of mostly unheard songs is going under the gavel starting July 19th. The lot promises that all the tracks are "master quality" and while the first three songs ("Monster," "Breaking News" and "Stay") have been released before with different mixes on the 2010 posthumous album Michael , while the other nine songs are reported to be previously unreleased. The album is described as being in "very good condition," sourced from a personal friend and personal assistant to Jackson "whose family was very close to Michael for many years, traveling all over the world with him." The auction lasts from July 19-28 with a minimum bid of $50,000.