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Happy 'Two for Tuesday' January 16th, 2018.


Welcome to Billy Healy’s ‘Wide Bay Today’ ‘Classic Calendars’ for Tuesday January 16th, 2018.

 All the answers from 9 this morning!

 On this date in 1937 Aussie Actress Lorraine Bayley, best known for playing Grace Sullivan in ‘The Sullivans’ in the 70’s was born in Bateman’s Bay, NSW. She also starred in what television series in the 80’s and hosted ‘Playschool’ for how many years?  Nigerian singer ‘Sade’ was born on this date in what year? In 2010 she released an album titled ‘Soldier of Love’. She has not released any original material since.


On this date in whay year of the 50’s was Greed Smith – Andrew Smith born in Sydney, NSW?  Greedy is a vocalist and keyboardist with the group which got together in 1977. He is still with the band along with what other original member? Tina Turner set a world record for a solo concert on this date in what year when she performed to 180,000 fans in Rio?  On this date in 1973 Bonanza finished on US television after how many years on air?

On this date in 1793 Australia’s first 3 European free settlers arrived where on board the ship the ‘Bellona’?  On this date in 1988 John Farnham’s wife Jill gave birth to their son who name is?  On this date in 2011 drummer with ‘Cold Chisel’ Steve Prestwich died. He was how old?  On this date in 1964 Aussie cricketer Trevor Barsby was born in Herston, Brisbane. Trevor played for The Queensland Bulls in their 94-95 and what other ‘Sheffield Shield win?