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This is Thursday! Good Morning & welcome to March 17, St. Patrick's Day.

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Wide Bay Today ‘Classic Calendars’ for Thursday March 17.



On this date in 1973, Caroline Corr, a member of what Irish group, was born in Dundalk, Ireland? In 2003, on this date Andrew Denton’s talk program, titled what, debuted on ABC television? On this date in 1938 Russian Ballet Dancer Rudolf Nureyev was born. In 1917 US singer and Jazz pianist Nat King Cole was born in Montgomery, Alabama. He died in what year at what age?



On this date in 1951 US actor Kurt Russel was born where in the USA? In 1944, on this date, Patti Boyd, English model and former wife to which member of ‘The Beatles’, was born in Somerset England? On this date in 1845 the Rubber Band was patented by Stephen Perry of ‘The London Rubber Company’. In 1968 The Bee Gees made their US television debut on what television show?



On this date in 1949 US actor Patrick Duffy was born in Townsend Montana. He played the part of Bobby Ewing in what US soap? In 1949, on this date, Aussie singing sensation of the 60’s Little Pattie, Patricia Amphlett, was born in Sydney. She was cousin to what other Australian singer. On this date in 1966 ‘The Walker Brothers’ scored their second UK number one hit with what song?