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Welcome to Wednesday March 29, 2017.


Billy Healy’s ‘Wide Bay Today’ – Classic Calendars for Wednesday March 29, 2017.

On this date in 1946 Billy Thorpe, Aussie rock legend, Singer, Songwriter, & Musician was born where?  Billy died aged 60 in 2007. At what age did Billy have his first number one hit with ‘Poison Ivy’ in 1964, with his backing band ‘The Aztecs’? 1976 saw Billy scored his last hit with what song? He settled in California that same year to work in the Toy Design Industry.

On this date in what year did Tom Jones became Sir Tom Jones when he was knighted by The Queen. Actually he was as Sir Thomas Woodward, his real name. US actress Patty Duke died on this date in what year? She was 69. Patty starred in her own TV series ‘The Patty Duke Show’, and won an Academy Award when she was just 16 for her role as Helen Keller in what 1962 film?

On this date in 1943 British comic actor Eric Idle was born where in England? Eric was a member of ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ as well as many feature films. He also starred in what US television series? He is 74 today. In 1978, on this date, David Bowie kicked off his ‘Low/Heroes’ tour in San Diego California. How many gigs did he perform on the tour?