Locals urged to report fallen powerlines

October 28, 2022 6:40 am in by

After an early taste of storm season Ergon Energy is urging Queenslanders to be prepared for power outages and to report fallen powerlines.

Executive general manager operations Paul Jordon says recent severe weather events were a sharp reminder of what to expect from a third La Nina.

“We are again facing a higher risk of severe thunderstorms, flooding and cyclones, which can cause major damage to the electricity network; both overhead and underground,” he says.

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“Please report fallen powerlines, sparking pillar boxes and any network damage you see to Ergon (13 16 70) or call emergency services (000).

“Always stay well away from any grounded wires and faulty equipment because these may be life-threatening electrical hazards.

“Don’t assume we know about it or that somebody else has reported it. The more detailed information we have from the community, the better we can respond, make the area safe, and get your lights back on.”

Bundaberg has received a mix big of weather in the past week.

Parts of the region were hit with heavy rain, flash flooding and even hail earlier in the week before another storm rolled in on Thursday night.

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Mr Jordon says where the ground is already saturated, there’s a greater chance of large trees toppling and bringing down powerlines.

“We have a robust vegetation management program to reduce the risk of damage from trees, and we also appreciate members of the public spotting and reporting any branches growing too close to powerlines. We can then assess the risk and respond appropriately.

“But please don’t attempt to trim trees near lines yourself – it’s a high-risk job that should be left to professional arborists trained to work near overhead powerlines,” Mr Jordon says.

Although 1 November marks the official start of cyclone season, now is the time to get your house in order if you haven’t already.

“Restock your storm kit, clean up your yard, and check the condition of your generator before you need to use it,” Mr Jordan says.

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“We’ve been doing network maintenance, including tree trimming near powerlines, and stocking up on essential network hardware at our main warehouses so we are in the best position to support our communities this storm season.

“It’s also essential that all Queenslanders be prepared for the possibility of prolonged power outages because it takes time for weather conditions to ease, damage to be assessed across a wide area and extensive network repairs to be completed.”


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