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Folau's Fair Work Commission Hearing Over

Sacked Rugby player, Israel Folau, has fronted the Fair Work Commission on Friday. 

The former Wallaby faced a mediation session with Rugby Australia in Sydney but media reports suggest that was unsuccessful.  

Folau is arguing the termination of his contract over a homophobic social media post was unlawful.

Friday's conciliation hearing was held behind closed doors and journalists were left waiting out the front of the building for news on what happened. 

Rugby Australia's Raelene Castle had already left before news broke that Folau's case will enter the courtroom.  

The ABC is reporting that he may be chasing up to $10 million from Rugby Australia following his sacking.  

Fox Sports is reporting that Folau and Rugby Australia were unable to reach an agreement on Friday.  

Leaving the building on Friday, Folau told media he was “very disappointed” in the outcome.

“Look, we’re very, very disappointed about the outcome today,” he said.

“But I’d like to thank all those who supported me in this time and I’ll continue to stand up for the freedom of all Australians.”

Folau's Lawyer George Haros added, “it appears as though, unless things change, then we will be heading for court".  

Earlier in the week Folau's GoFundMe was pulled for breaching its terms of services after raising more than $750,000.

Then the Australian Christian Lobby launched its own campaign which has been put on ice after raising $2 million.

The ACL, which set up the fundraiser on its website, stated that Folau had raised enough money for now.  

More than 20,000 people had donated more than $2.2 million by Thursday morning (AEST).

That campaign has been labelled “GodFundMe” by some according to