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BREAKING | Ravenshoe Cafe Explosion Driver Dead

The 64-year-old, behind the wheel of the car that slammed into a Ravenshoe Cafe causing a massive explosion in 2015, has died.  

Brian Scutt crashed his car into the 'Serves You Right' cafe in the main street, killing 37-year-old Cafe Manager Nicole Nyholt and 82-year-old woman Margaret Clark.

19 others were hurt in the blast.  

Mr Scutt died on August 1 and will be farewelled at a funeral in Ravenshoe on Monday according to News Corp.  

The service will be held at the St Barnabas Anglican Church.

An Inquest into the blast was due to get underway last month but was delayed after Mr Scutt's Doctor passed away.  He was due to be a key witness.  

Mr Scutt was ruled mentally unfit to face criminal charges last year after it was revealed that he had been diagnosed with dementia.

By Michelle Price