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BREAKING | Tamil Family Allowed To Stay Longer

UPDATE | The Tamil family, from Biloela in Central Queensland, facing deportation back to Sri Lanka, is allowed to stay for a little while longer.

The family of four, seeking asylum in Australia, is now able to stay until September 18, after a judge extended an injunction halting their deportation once again.

They are being held on Christmas Island.  

EARLIER | A Tamil family forced to leave Biloela and now facing deportation, are due to learn if they will be able to remain in Australia on Friday.  

A decision was due on Wednesday, but was held over until today.

The husband, wife and two daughters have been staying on Christmas Island since last week.

Family friend Angela Fredericks said, if unsuccessful, they will be charged for their airfares.

"There's actually a three year bar on them applying for any other type of visa through Australia, the other issue I thought as well, is that they'll face a bill definitely for their transport costs" she said.  

She added that they deserve to stay, "what this comes back to is this beautiful couple who arrived in our town who contribute, they brought a family into our town, they're our family, basically".

Labor leader Anthony Albanese is being accused of "hypocrisy" as he pushes for a Tamil family to remain in Australia.

He has previously said people who are not genuine refugees should not be settled here.

But Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said his change of heart shows he can't be trusted.

"They wanted people at the last two elections to believe that there was no difference between the Coalition and the Labor Party on border protection, but it's up in lights now, this open borders policy under Mr Albanese and Ms Keneally, it just doesn't work" he said.  

A decision must be made before 4:00PM.  

By Michelle Price