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Man Takes Hilarious Stand Against Boneless Chicken Wings

A hilarious video of a man asking his local council to take a stand against boneless chicken wings has the internet in stitches.

Ander Christensen from Nebraska in the US wants the term 'boneless wings' removed from "our menus and our hearts" because it's tricking kids and teaching them wrong things.

"Boneless chicken wings are just chicken tenders" he argues. 

His cool and calm delivery is impressive, and he clearly gave some serious thought to his reasons. But keep an eye on the woman sitting behind him - even while wearing a mask you can see her fits of laughter.

Anders suggests a few naming alternatives, including 'buffalo style chicken tenders' or 'saucy nuggs', but it'll be a tough call to see if the council agrees to his proposal - even with a family member on his side!

Have a watch and think of Ander next time you eat some chicken!