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Adani Responds To Review Rumours Following Self Funding Announcement


By Wolf Olins - Public Domain

Adani has responded to news from the Environmental Defender’s Office and the Australian Conservation Foundation that they are seeking a judicial review of the Environment Minister’s decision on the assessment of the North Galilee Water Project.

Adani has released a statement advising that. as at 5.00pm on 4 December, Adani has not been served with any new proceedings by the Environmental Defenders Office in Queensland.

This legal action will not stop the Carmichael Project proceeding because we do not need the North Galilee Water Scheme finalised in order to commence work on the project. The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) and the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) are wasting the court’s time and resources, while also wasting taxpayer funds and the ACF’s own charitable donations.

Adani will continue to deliver the Carmichael Project, and we will do so in line with our approvals, along with the strict regulations and legislation that govern our Australian resources industry.

The Australian Conservation Foundation has conducted unsuccessful litigation against Adani in the past, resulting in the ACF being ordered by the court to pay Adani’s legal costs.
Once again, anti-mining activists are trying to stand in the way of thousands of jobs that are desperately needed by regional Queenslanders.

Adani has been through a rigorous and strict approvals process over the last eight years and we have met all of those requirements. Accordingly we now expect that we will be treated no differently to any other Australian miner.

Adani’s approvals have already been backed by the courts nine times over and still anti-mining activists reject the process.