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Local Police Rolling Up Their Sleeves


Image Credit: QPS 

A Bundaberg Police Officer has just rolled up his sleeve again, revealing that he has been donating blood for 37 years.  

Sergeant Gillard from the Bundaberg Police Education and Training Office has given the gift of blood 125 times.

With this Friday being World Blood Donor Day, Sergeant Gillard rallied some new first year Constables to attend the Bundaberg Hospital Red Cross Service to participate in this worthy cause.

Donated blood and plasma helps so many in our community and can be made into 22 different medical treatments.


Image Credit: QPS 

One in 30 Australians give blood each year, that is just three per-cent.  But Australians need more than 25,000 donations every week.

It helps road trauma victims, surgical patients and up to a third of the donations are used to treat people with cancer and blood disorders.

Click here to make an appointment with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service or call 13 14 95 and join police and other community members save lives.