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Bundaberg In Store For Significant Falls

Some weather models are suggesting we are in for some significant rainfall over the next few days.

There are predictions on social media that we could be in for flash flooding in parts, but Lauren Murphy from the Bureau of Meteorology said it is more likely that the falls will be 'gradual' and not a 'big dumping'.  

An upper trough will bring showers and rain areas to eastern and central districts (south of about Ingham) on Thursday and Friday, with the highest falls likely focused around the Central Coast and Capricornia districts. A surface trough will also strengthen about the Central Coast/Mackay region, providing a focus for the heaviest rainfall.

Widespread 24 hour accumulations of 50 to 100 mm along the east coast between about Ingham and Bundaberg, reaching 150 to 250 mm around the coastal ranges (particularly west of Mackay in the Pioneer Valley) from late Thursday to late Friday.

Further inland, the Central Highlands and Coalfields should see widespread useful falls of 30 to 50 mm as the upper trough and onshore flow drags rain inland.

Synoptic Situation:
· A high over NSW extends a ridge over Queensland. The high will strengthen significantly towards the end of the week, with stronger onshore flow developing.

· A significant upper trough is will move over central eastern Queensland during tomorrow and Friday. A surface trough over the Coral Sea will move slowly westwards, deepening near or on the Central Coast in response to the upper trough and acting as a focus for shower and storm activity from Thursday.

· As the initial upper trough weakens and lifts off the east coast by late Friday/early Saturday, another weaker upper trough will move eastwards across the south over the weekend. This will lead to a broad area of showers, particularly about the southern coast, and possibly some patchy rain areas over the southern inland by Sunday.

Lauren Murphy from the Bureau of Meteorology said "we are expecting some showers and rain areas to develop through central parts of Queensland, starting on Thursday and increasing on Friday".

She explained that "this is being generated by an Upper Trough and also a surface trough. It will be bringing those showers and rain areas through the central district through Ingham and down to Bundaberg".

"The peak of the rainfall looks like it will be on Friday and we're looking at rainfall totals around the 50 to the 100 millimetre mark...some potential falls around the 150 to 250 mm mark about ranges, west of Mackay around Pioneer Valley and the Clarke Range area.

"The heaviest rainfall is expected from late Thursday, across Friday, we may see some locally heavy falls across the central coast, but on the whole this will just be some steady rainfall, continual showers and rain areas.

Ms Murphy said the risk of flash flooding is relatively low as the falls are predicted to be gradual and not a sudden dumping.

A Strong Wind Warning is expected to be issued for areas stretching from Fraser Island and south to the New South Wales border. She said we have a "really strong high pressure system near Tasmania over the next few days".

"It's generating some strong winds starting from later today [Wednesday] and we're expecting those strong winds to continue right through Thursday, Friday, Saturday and beginning to ease on Sunday.

That high is also generating a long stretch of swell, "so there's hazardous surf expected to develop late on Thursday as well from Fraser Island and south down to the New South Wales border.

The surf will be quite powerful along those exposed coastlines. The news comes during a week when a majority of Sunshine Coast beaches have been closed on and off.

By Michelle Price