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Big Chill Hangs Around For Lunar Eclipse


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The beautiful clear conditions might have given us a great opportunity to catch the lunar eclipse on Wednesday morning but it did cause temperatures to plummet once again.  

Applethorpe residents shivered through a low of 4.4 degrees a few hours ago.  

The mercury dropped to 4.7 degrees at the Maroochydore Airport earlier while we can expect to see temperatures reach 21 degrees during the day.

Mackay Airport reached 5.2 overnight.  The low was 7.8 in Bundaberg and at Gladstone Airport.  It was a much cooler low of 0.7 in Biloela and it dropped to 6.1 degrees in Rockhampton just before 7:00AM.  

It was 9.2 degrees at the Cairns Racecourse at around 6:00AM while it dropped to 4.9 degrees at the Townsville Air Weapons Range at around 6:30AM.  

The warmer conditions are expected to return heading into the weekend. 

By Michelle Price