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We are being encouraged to support our local strawberry growers, with a bumper crop on its way to local supermarkets.

Growers across the state have experienced favourable weather conditions with around a million punnets leaving farms each day.

Queensland strawberry farmer, Laura Wells, said now is a good time for locals to take advantage of increased supply and lower prices.

A ‘perfect storm’ of weather conditions in Queensland’s key growing regions has meant there is now an abundance of fresh strawberries available for Aussies to enjoy.

A series of unseasonably warm, dry and sunny days followed by cool crisp nights has seen strawberries flood supermarket shelves as prices plummet.

Growers are expecting one million punnets per day to leave farms day over the next three weeks.

That’s seven million punnets a week – laid end to end, that’s enough to stretch to the moon and back.

Combined July and August rainfall

  • 39.6mm vs. 107.6mm (long-term average)
  • Since 8 July – only 10.4mm of rain total
  • July average daily maximum temps >1C above long-term averages, August average daily temps 0.6C above long-term averages

This data indicates warmer than average days, with 2/3 less rainfall than usual resulting in large quantities of high-quality berries available

While consumers will be cheering, strawberry growers are asking Australians to pop an extra punnet or two in their trolleys to help move this short shelf life fruit and show their support  for the industry.

“The strawberries we’re supplying are sweet, juicy and in abundance, but the cooler weather down south has seen demand drop. Strawberries are so versatile and also freeze well – take advantage of the price and try a strawberry salsa to accompany meat or fish, or add them to your morning smashed avo with a drizzle of balsamic glaze,” said South East Queensland strawberry grower Laura Wells.

“Strawberries are also packed with vitamin C and folate to help your immunity so they’re the perfect snack for your family.”