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New Tech Aims To Get More Women Breast Aware


Image Credit: Pixabay 

New technology being introduced within Breastscreen Queensland aims to ease anxiety and stress, and possibly even pain.

A state-of-the-art Lighting and Sensory Distraction Suite, for regular and follow-up breast screens, will soon be available in Queensland.]

Chief Radiographer Shane Judd said they are hoping it will improve, what can be, an unpleasant experience.

"It's commonly used and endorsed for controlling discomfort so I think it will definitely encourage more women to come in knowing that their environment is pleasant to be in" she said.  

It is hoped the suites will lift the region's screening rates in women aged 50-75, from 56% to meet the national accreditation standard of 70%.

State-of-the-art Lighting and Sensory Distraction rooms will be available at Nambour on the Sunshine Coast for regular and follow-up breast screens.

"It will just encourage more women to come to Breastscreen and be aware that they are being looked after in the best manner possible" Ms Judd said.  

The rooms will include Indigenous artwork, aromatherapy, mood lighting, and a virtual window and skylight.

She said "Still around 40 per-cent of women out there that are eligible for breast screens don't come in, so we are hoping that this is going to lift that number because if you look at it in this manner, one in seven of those or 40 per-cent, are not going to be diagnosed early with breast cancer".

So far this financial year, more than 8,000 women have been screened in the Sunshine Coast region.  That number is around 3,396 in Cairns, 3,695 in Townsville, 2,614 in Mackay, 2,846 in Central Queensland and 3,399 in the Wide Bay-Burnett region.

By Michelle Price