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Locals Urged To Get Across 5G Technology As Inquiry Resumes


Image Credit: CC0 

An inquiry into 5G mobile technology in Australia resumed with a hearing in Canberra on Friday.

It heard from regulators, researchers and industry leaders from a range of fields but some say it won't go far enough.

Vic Leach from the Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA) said 80 or 85 per-cent of submissions to the 5G inquiry relate to health concerns but they won't be addressed during the 5 Inquiry.

"You would expect that the health guidelines for rolling out this technology would be in the Health Act, well you're wrong, it's actually in the Radio Communications Act" he said.  

"And they have picked the guideline, which ARPANZA follows, that's the least protective guideline.

Mr Leach also said we should be worried about how connected our kids are.  "The under 20's, when you look there, Leukaemia is no longer the leading cancer amongst children...brain cancer now is the leading cancer amongst children" raising concerns about our children's use of mobile phones and other devices" he said.  

He said France is showing leadership by banning wifi in schools and kindergartens, ignoring the standards which set out the acceptable level of EMF saying they won't protect their children.  Russia, Paris and Rome have also adopted lower levels of EMF than what has been labelled acceptable.  

Mr Leach added that some of the new technology being rolled out, the frequencies of the RF waves are the same size as insects, and that's a real problem.

"Once the waves become the same size as the animal, the absorption is much greater, so it's not just about human life, it's also about all life on this planet" he explained.  

By Michelle Brewer