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Gin Gin Cop Shop Welcomes 'Bailey'


Bailey the Cavoodle.  Image Credit: QPS

Meet the latest member of the Gin Gin Police family.

Adorable Bailey is an eight week old Cavoodle puppy.

When not on paw-trol, she is looking after the welfare of officers at the station.


Bailey the Cavoodle.  Image Credit: QPS


Bailey getting a nice tummy rub. Image Credit: QPS

She is also lending a paw to promote road safety these holidays.

Bailey says:

Don’t drive fatigued – make sure you get a good night’s sleep before you leave and include rest stops on the way;
Don’t drive distracted – put your phone on do not disturb so you won’t be tempted;
Don’t drink or drug drive – if you plan to have celebratory Christmas or New Year drinks make sure you don’t drive;
Don’t speed – this doesn’t just mean stick to the speed limit but also means drive to the conditions and;
Wear your seatbelt – it’s simple … seatbelts save lives.


Bailey the Cavoodle says 'Stop The Fatal Five'.  Image Credit: QPS

Gin Gin Police want everyone to get home safely to their families for the Christmas break.

Well done Bailey! We think you are just paw-terrific.