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South Kolan Thanks Emergency Services After Bushfires


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After an exhausting few weeks in the bushfire season, South Kolan’s smaller community members have paid tribute to emergency service workers and the amazing effort they went to in protecting their community.

Senior Constable Karas, Sergeant Bardini, Senior Constable Shambrook and Acting Sergeant Thompson received letters of thanks from South Kolan residents
Acting Sergeant Thompson received the following thank you card after the most recent Ten Mile Road bushfire on January 10.


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Dear Firefighters, Police, Ambulance,

Thank you for helping us fight the fires, we wish you the best with the fire. You are amazing at what you do, we pray for you in the fires.

Lots of thanks and wishes from Meghan, Piper, Cian, Amelia, Lisa, Allen, Scott, Lorna, Badger, Monkey, Shaun, Bazza, Rainin, Murphy, Marty.