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Qld'ers Win Over $300 Million Playing Keno - Here's The Breakdown

Image Credit: The Lott

The numbers have been crunched and the regions that welcomed the most Keno prize money in 2019 have been revealed.

Between 1 January and 31 December 2019, Keno players won a total of $913,152,446 at venues across Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT and Victoria, and online.

This includes 22 Keno 10 Spot Jackpot wins (in both the Keno Classic and Mega Millions games) collectively worth $51,081,672.

The biggest individual prize won in 2019 was a Keno Mega Millions jackpot worth $6,594,139.20, which was pocketed by a Randwick woman in April from a 10 Spot entry purchased at the Randwick Club in Sydney.

Ipswich RSL Club in Queensland saw two 10 Spot wins during the year worth a combined $4.17 million.

Cairns in Queensland saw three 10 Spot wins at three different venues collectively worth $8,634,648, cementing Far North Queensland reputation as a winning region.

Reflecting the number of Keno venues in the state and territory, New South Wales and the ACT saw the most Keno prize money won so far this year with $522,031,803 (Table 1) – more than half the prize money won across the mainland eastern seaboard.

Table 1: Keno prize money won by state

                                               Total Keno prize money won   Total number of Keno venues
New South Wales and ACT   $522,031,803                           1,877
Queensland                           $324,974,637                           1,061
Victoria                                   $66,146,006                             602
Total                                       $913,152,446                           3,540

Players in New South Wales and the ACT also enjoyed the most Keno 10 Spot jackpots, with 11 worth more than $24.8 million (Table 2).

Table 2: 10 Spot jackpots by state during 2019*
State 10 Spot wins Total 10 Spot prize money

New South Wales & ACT 11 $24,865,562
Queensland 9  $23,582,673
Victoria 2  $2,633,437
Total 22  $51,081,672

*includes 10 Spot wins across both Keno Classic and Keno Mega Millions

Table 3: List of the Keno 10 Spot jackpots won during 2019*
Win date State Venue Name Prize Value
21/04/2019 NSW Randwick Club $6,594,139
15/11/2019 QLD Cazalys Cairns $5,918,504
26/05/2019 QLD Magpies Sporting Club $5,167,445
02/01/2019 NSW North Ryde RSL $3,662,742
9/11/2019 ACT Online $2,659,973
14/02/2019 QLD Ipswich RSL Club $2,622,717
30/03/2019 QLD Acacia Ridge Hotel $2,561,259
27/07/2019 NSW Pioneer - Penrith $1,847,259
3/09/2019 NSW Maitland City Bowls $1,707,308
5/12/2019 QLD The Star Gold Coast $1,705,679
09/05/2019 NSW Kings Park Tavern $1,645,642
14/08/2019 NSW Chester Hill RSL $1,584,315
28/09/2019 QLD Ipswich RSL Club $1,551,941
8/06/2019 VIC Baxter Tavern Hotel $1,541,400
23/06/2019 NSW Dora Creek Workers $1,481,985
22/05/2019 QLD Trinity Beach Sports Club $1,420,401
11/04/2019 QLD Dalby Leagues Club $1,338,984
4/07/2019 NSW Wollongbar Tavern $1,313,387
20/04/2019 QLD Grand Hotel Cairns $1,295,743
15/11/2019 NSW Ballina RSL Club $1,209,055
8/09/2019 NSW Blackbutt Hotel $1,159,757
11/09/2019 VIC Swan Hill RSL Club $1,092,037*includes 10 Spot wins across both Keno Classic and Keno Mega Millions

While wins could land anywhere at any time, Keno spokesperson Matt Hart said some regions in each state had enjoyed more prize money than others so far this year.

“In Queensland, the sun truly shone on Gold Coast players in 2019, who pocketed more than $43 million last year (Table 4). Interestingly, it was players at venues stretching from Cairns to Dalby to Ipswich who scored the big 10 Spot windfalls,” he said.

“Players in the Hunter and Central Coast region scored significantly more prize money than anywhere else in New South Wales and the ACT, however it was players in Sydney that pocketed many of the multi-million-dollar wins.

“It was a closer race in Victoria, with players in southeast Melbourne enjoying a little more Keno fun money than those in Melbourne’s north and west.

“Research with players shows there’s mixed feelings about winning regions. Some people might favour areas and venues that have a track record of recent wins, while others will avoid these in the belief that lightning won’t strike twice.

“It will be interesting to see if these winning Keno regions maintain their reputations in 2020.”

Mr Hart said he would be on standby to confirm the winning news with the next big Keno winner.

“In 2019, we had 22 10 Spot wins, whereas in 2018 we had 12 10 Spot wins, so Keno created many more millionaires last year,” he said.

“From tradies relaxing after work to ladies who lunch, it was wonderful to celebrate our major Keno winners last year.

“Everyone had their own unique story of how their Keno win came to be and what they planned to do with their prize. A Chester Hill retiree was excited revamp his retirement plans to factor in more fishing and golfing following his $1.5 million win, while a hardworking Parramatta man wanted to use his prize to support a charity close to his heart.”

Table 4: Top 10 Queensland regions by total Keno prize money won
Rank Region Total Keno prize money won
1 Gold Coast $43,645,927.60
2 Central Queensland $29,187,119.15
3 Far North Queensland $28,846,933.15
4 Mackay and Whitsundays $28,545,767.45
5 Wide Bay-Burnett $25,717,287.50
6 Moreton Bay Region $23,333,861.85
7 Brisbane Northern Suburbs $22,365,069.65
8 Sunshine Coast $21,629,662.90
9 North Queensland $18,800,320.55
10 Ipswich, Lockyer Valley & Somerset $17,115,758.80