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Jobkeeper and Job Seeker payments to be cut from September

Wage subsidies will be reduced to $1200 a fortnight for full-time workers after September as part of the federal government's overhaul of coronavirus support.
People working less than 20 hours a week will have their JobKeeper payment cut to $750 a fortnight.
Most businesses will have to requalify for JobKeeper by demonstrating a 30 per cent loss in revenue, with the threshold 50 per cent for major companies.
The new rates will run between September and January next year, with the revenue test to be reapplied at the start of each stage.
From January, JobKeeper will be $1000 for full-time employees and $650 for people working less than 20 hours.
JobSeeker unemployment benefit recipients will be able to earn $300 a fortnight without it affecting their payment.
(Photo: Martin Kingsley from Melbourne, Australia. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.)