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Frog gets new lease on life after surgery in Bundaberg


Image: Courtesy of Sugarland Animal Hospital

A Bundaberg vet has shared details of a unique patient that hopped into their surgery this week.

Sugarland Animal Hospital took to social media to give details of the repair they performed on Monday.

"Dr Marianne performed surgery on a rather unusual patient... a green tree frog!" a spokesperson said.

"The poor little fellow was found by a local Paramedic who kindly brought him into us for treatment for a nasty wound on his leg."


The frog was kept moist during the procedure to prevent it from drying out, which could cause breathing difficulties and skin damage.

A spokesperson said the "little green friend should be up hopping around in no time.

"Green tree frogs can live for up to 16 years, so we are glad we could help this little guy go on to live a long, happy life!"