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Drug possession arrests on the rise in Bundaberg

There has been a rise in drug related arrests across Bundaberg over recent months but local Police said it means more people are getting caught.

Cases of drug possession have been trending upwards in the region since the end of last year, according to the latest Queensland crime statistics.

Bundaberg recorded 29 reports of 'possess drugs' in February, but this had more than doubled to 74 in the month of August.

Officer in charge of Bundaberg Police Senior Sergeant Michael McGarry said it means people who do drugs are getting caught, and 90-percent find themselves before a magistrate.

"We have a dedicated unit in Bundaberg that is a team of investigators looking at drug offences," Mr McGarry said.

"If it's spiking, it means they're successful because they're detecting them."

Image: Queensland Ambulance Service