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Have your say on Bundy's worst roads


It's time to call out Queensland’s worst roads. 
The RACQ has called on motorists across Bundaberg to identify the state’s worst roads and help influence change by taking part in the Club’s Unroadworthy Roads Survey 2020.
Club spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said the survey was now open to the public and encouraged Queenslanders to call out roads in poor condition and in urgent need of an upgrade.
“Whether it’s a road riddled with potholes, with poor signing, prone to flooding or those that are too narrow or hazardous, we want motorists to have their say so we can advocate for a fix,” Ms Ritchie said.
"We are asking you to pin point those exact locations that are really  causing you frustrations on the roads and that are unsafe.
"You are our eyes and our ears on the roads, so you know better tahn anyone else those local roads that need upgrading."
More than 600 sub-standard roads across Queensland were nominated in the last survey with the Bruce Highway topping the list with the most complaints.
Ms Ritchie said results from the 2020 survey would be used to help identify further improvements and ensure local, state and federal governments took action.
“By taking part you can point out current road issues and we can highlight these to our politicians so they can look to allocate funding to improve the condition of these roads and
make them safer,” she said.
“The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and ends at midnight 3 November.

“It’s fully electronic with a Google Maps pin-point function so it’s easy to locate those troublesome spots on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets."