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Domestic violence breaches, an all time high


Queensland's domestic violence cases has reached an all time high in 2020.
Queensland police recorded 36,000 DVO breaches last year, 5,000 more than 2019. 
2000 alone came from the Wide Bay region, with 173 breaches issued last month.  
Red Rose Foundation CEO Betty Taylor says the figures are shocking. 
"We were assuming I guess with COVID that there wasn't as much activity and people getting out and reporting," Ms Taylor says. 
Not only is the figures for the state higher than 2019, it is the highest number of cases since police begun publishing statistics in 2001.
Ms Taylor says numbers won't come down unless a zero tolerance approach is taken. 
"[We need to] see domestic violence for what it is and the first offence has to be taken absolutely serious," Ms Taylor says. 
"We won't turn this around until the message is out there that those that use violence have to be held accountable for their behaviour."