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People playing with dingoes keep Fraser campgrounds closed


Rangers have extended the closure of popular campgrounds on Fraser Island because people keep interfering with the dingoes.

K'gari's ranger in charge Linda Behrendorff says they were forced to close the Eli, Maheno, Guluri and Wahba campgrounds for safety reasons in September 2020, after people were caught interacting with wild dogs.

“Some residents and visitors were either feeding wongari (dingoes) or deliberately interfering with them,” Ms Behrendorff says.

She says domestic travellers have flocked to Fraser Island since it reopened due to COVID-19, which has exacerbated the issue.

There is enough food on the island to support the dingo population and feeding them puts people at risk of bites or attacks.

"We have whales, turtles, dugongs that wash up on the island, that provides extra feeding stations in a natural sense," she says.

"When people come along and offer food to animals, then animals can become human tolerant, lose that natural fear, that can then lead to high risk behaviours."

Rangers say people are still interacting with dingoes, leaving them no choice but to extend the temporary closure until the end of June.

Safety or selfie

Ms Behrendorff says most people are doing the right thing, but a small few can not resist getting a selfie with a dingo.

"Not only do you put yourself at risk, you could put the next innocent person at risk and you could also put the animal in danger as well."

She warned the campgrounds will remain off limits until the 'foolish behaviour' comes to an end.

Last year, 18 people were fined for dingo offences and three people have already been issued infringements this year.

Earlier this month, two men were fined $4,270 for getting a young dingo to smell and lick their hands.

Rangers say they have trapped and put ear tags on six dingoes to monitor them around popular campsites and residential areas.

People are encouraged to report dingo interference by calling 07 4127 9150 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..