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Simulation training for Bundy healthcare educators


Bundaberg healthcare educators are get some extra training themselves today.

A two-day, nationally-accredited course is being held in town, for educators, clinicians and academics interested in using simulation as part of their teaching.

Lead Clinical Educator Jules Bennet says they'll be able to pass the knowledge they learn, on to students and colleagues. 

"It's for health care professionals who want to learn how to do simulation, run scenarios in their workplace and to do that in a way that allows the participants to improve their performance," she says.

She says simulation training has been proven to be the best way of teaching hands-on experience. 

"They can learn the knowledge in everything from books or tutorials etc. but this is actually getting them to practice the skills, teaching them team communication, it allows them to mistakes in a safe area and it just sort of builds their confidence in how to manage a crisis situation."