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Second coronavirus patient in Bundaberg Hospital


A second woman is being treated for coronavirus in Bundaberg Hospital.

The patient is also linked to the Byron Bay hen’s party which was attended by a Brisbane nurse who had the UK strain of the virus.

Another woman who went to the same hen’s party is also in Bundaberg Hospital with coronavirus.

Both patients tested positive while self-isolating when they returned from Byron Bay.

Queensland Health says comprehensive contact tracing has been completed and there is believed to be no significant public health risk as a result.

In a written statement, the health department says there are no listed exposure sites in Wide Bay related to this or the other case.

“Nonetheless, we encourage people to get tested if they have any symptoms or have visited one of the statewide locations identified on the Queensland contact tracing site.”

These include casual contact sites at Maryborough, Gin Gin and Miriam Vale from a separate case.

You can find a local testing location at:

The list of at-risk venues can be found at: