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E-scooters make their way to Bundaberg


Bundaberg has become the latest city in Queensland, to jump on board the e-scooter trend.

Neuron Mobility rolled out 350 e-scooters between Bargara and the Bundaberg CBD this weekend, just in time for school holidays.

They will be trailed for a year, joining Townsville and Brisbane.

Bundaberg residents aged over 18 will be able to use the service for a fee by downloading a mobile app.

Neuron Mobility Regional Manager Jayden Bryant says Bundaberg had been a popular choice for the rollout.

"When we're having a look at the population and the beautiful sights of Bargara, it just made sense to give this transport option a go in Bundaberg," Mr Bryant says.

By using 'geofencing' and GPS technology, the scooters will not be able to be taken out of designated areas, and will automatically reduce speed when entering high-populated spaces, such as Bargara's Turtle Park.

Mr Bryant says the scooters are another way to boost the local economy, while supporting those with limited travel options.

"It gets people out and about, exploring their local community, visiting these local businesses, and hopefully spending their money on these local businesses," he says.

Rules when riding

Mr Bryant is reminding riders to always wear a helmet and to park scooters out of the way of others using footpaths as to not block access.

He says the Neuron Mobility teams in Bundaberg are making sure they scooters are COVID-safe and looked after.

"We do have operations teams out on the ground around the clock that are picking up the scooters, sanitising them, and relocating them to different locations.

"We have GPS tracking for all of our scooters and work with local police and authorities to track any cases of vandalism ... it will be a very small percentage if it [vandalism] were to occur," he says.