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Burnett region farmers rewarded for planting trees


Local farmers will be rewarded for planting different types of trees on their land.

A new pilot program's being launched by the Australian Government, to boost farm biodiversity across the country.

It will test processes and protocols that measure and reward farmers, for undertaking mixed-species tree plantings, on top of eligible carbon projects.

Six Natural Resource Mangement regions have been chosen to be a part of the program, including the Burnett-Mary catchment.

Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud says the Carbon + Biodiversity Pilot isa  key component of the government’s $34 million Agriculture Stewardship Package.

"This means planting trees on less productive land, such as gullies or hillsides, to deliver a return that is at, or better than, what the farmers would achieve under traditional farming methods," Mr Littleproud says.

“We’re also capping the program at between 5 to 200 hectares to guarantee farmers can continue to do what they do best: farm.

He says the pilot has significant potential. 

“It will improve our landscape and environment, it will deliver carbon abatement, and it will provide an important drought resilient income stream for farmers."

Applications for the Carbon+Biodiversity Pilot Program close on 11 June 2021.