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Burnett Heads swimmer takes a dip with humpback whale


A morning swimmer got more than a sunrise when an awe-inspiring humpback whale began frolicking just metres away him in water off Oaks Beach.

In a video posted to social media by C Bargara Resort, the swimmer can be seen doing laps off the beach as the whale moves in the opposite direction.

Suddenly, the whale comes up for air, spraying water behind the swimmer.

Tika Lay from Lady Musgrave Experience says it was magnificent to see.

"Someone was swimming at Bargara Beach and there was a whale swimming side by side - 50 metres away - which a lot of the Bargara Hotel were able to capture."

The whale watching season does not officially begin until July, but many of the majestic mammals have already been spotted in the Wide Bay.

"We saw a few on our day tours even a few weeks ago," Ms Lay says.

Meantime, a humpback whale was spotted by rangers near the mouth of the Susan River as it headed upstream yesterday.


An Environment Department spokesperson says staff searched for the whale this morning but were unable to find it.

"It is hoped that it has left the river and entered the bay," a statement says.