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Longer banning notices in place for Bundaberg's drunk and disorderly

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Troublemakers will be banned from Bundaberg pubs and clubs for longer in a push to stamp out bad behaviour.

Changes to the Safe Night Out laws have come into effect today, meaning officers can now hand out banning notices of up to 30 days, instead of the previous 10.

Under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000, a police officer can give a banning notice from licensed premises and safe night precincts if a person has behaved in a disorderly, offensive or violent way.

Senior Sergeant Michael McGarry says as the weather gets warmer, drunk and disorderly behaviour tends to increase across Bundaberg.

"It's mainly around violent, threatening, offensive behaviour," Sergeant McGarry says.

"Every weekend we're issuing those notices to patrons in our licensed premises ... you could also have that complemented with a notice to go to court as well for whatever the behaviour is."

Sgt McGarry is also hopeful longer banning periods will help decrease the amount of assault cases across the region, which jumped by close to 20 per cent last financial year, accoding to myPolice data. 

"We have a zero tolerance around alcohol-fuelled violence and disorderly behaviour in and around our licensed premises, so if you're going to partake in that sort of behaviour chances are you're going to be issued one of those."