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Regional lawyer shortage prompts 'try before buy' scheme


A new initiative is being launched to boost lawyer numbers in regional and rural areas in Queensland amid a statewide shortage.
'The Digital Treechange' aims to attract more legal practitioners to work outside the cities by allowing them to ‘trial’ the job from home first. 
Law Council of Australia's Dr Jacoba Brasch believes it's important for everyone living in remotes areas to have access to a legal council. 
"[They could also] do a six week or a three month placement in a bush firm, a regional rural firm, do that digitally because we have all become good at that lately," Dr Jacoba Brasch says.
"And then in that period also have a visit to work out... I can be happy here."  
The program allows lawyers to experience what it's like to work in regional areas before they accept a job, with Dr Brasch saying it's a 'try before they buy' situation. 
"If you don't have lawyers and something happens, then you have got no one to turn," Dr Jacoba Brasch says.
"Or if there is only one lawyer in town and the other side has got to them then you have got to travel miles when Queensland is a huge place."