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How you can be a "Citizen Scientist" to help the Great Barrier Reef

Great barrier reef

Locals are being called on to help collect data from the Great Barrier Reef, all the way from Bundaberg to the Cape.

"Citizen Scientists" help to capture thousands of images from dozens of different reefs as part of the Great Reef Census, collecting information help study the natural wonder.

Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef CEO Andy Ridley says last year they collected 14,000 images from 150 reefs from the far north to Lady Elliot in the south.

He explains due to the large scale of the reef, it is difficult to survey its entirety as one organisation.

"We're asking people, whether they're tourism operators, tug boat operators, super yachts, divers to help us out," Mr Ridley says.

The data collected from the 12-week census is used to help support research and management in the face of accelerating human impact.

Mr Ridley says without the census, only approximately five per cent of the reef is regularly surveyed.

"[It's] to help us understand the constantly changing and evolving conditions of the Great Barrier Reef," he explains.

"The overall aim is to have the citizen data bolster the core science used in decision-making and management for the Great Barrier Reef."

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