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Pregnant people urged to get vaccinated as rates remain low across regional Qld

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Covid vaccination rates among pregnant people remain low, despite having a greater risk of hospitalisation if they contract the disease - according to a Queensland doctor.

Women's health specialist Dr Helen Wiltshire is urging new Mums throughout regional Queensland to roll up their sleeves for jab, before the state's domestic borders reopen in a matter of weeks.

Dr Wiltshire says the chances of hospitalisation are five times higher than if you have not had the jab and contract the disease.

"That's because they’re already what we call clinically vulnerable and there might be additional issues that crop up during pregnancy, like gestational diabetes," she explains.

"We know a positive COVID diagnosis is more dangerous after 28 weeks, and there is an increased risk of premature birth and stillbirth."

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All COVID vaccines currently approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration are safe for use during pregnancy.

Dr Wiltshire says in the United States alone, more than 130,000 pregnant women have already been given either two doses of Moderna or Pfizer, without any concerns.

"Having a baby can already be an anxious time, particularly for first time parents, but having a COVID vaccine can protect you and bub from severe symptoms, and the long-term effects of what's being called 'long COVID'."

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