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Rolling closures at Inskip Point as authorities aim to contain gastro spread


Rolling closures across camping areas and camper number reductions at Inskip Point will continue through to Christmas as authorities fight to stop the spread of gastro.

MV Beagle and MV Natone camping areas will close from Friday, December 3 until Friday 17 December 2021, and SS Dorrigo camping area will close from Friday, December 17 until Friday, December 24.

Camper numbers will also be capped to existing bookings only in the remaining camping areas up until Friday, December 24.

Sarawak and Sarawak West camping areas, which were closed on November 19, are scheduled to reopen on Friday, December 3.

Reducing camper numbers, temporarily closing camping areas is part of the ongoing strategy to prevent the spread of gastroenteritis. 

Earlier this month, more than 80 campers who recently stayed at Inskip Point’s Sarawak campsite came forward with gastro symptoms.

An interdepartmental taskforce consisting of representatives from Department of Environment and Science, Queensland Health and Gympie Council meet daily to review the situation and mitigate the spread of gastroenteritis at the Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area.   

Facilities at Inskip Point are being cleaned twice each day as per Queensland Health guidelines.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) rangers continue to conduct daily patrols at Inskip Point camping areas to monitor the mitigation measures.

“Rangers also provide advice about the need for good personal hygiene to help prevent the spread of gastroenteritis,” a QPWS spokesperson says.

“This includes thoroughly washing hands with soap and running water after using bathroom facilities and before preparing food.

“People preparing to camp at Inskip Point are reminded to pack plenty of soap and fresh water in their camping kit.”

“QPWS apologises for any inconvenience, but the health and safety of people in our camping areas is our number one priority.”

People who want to change their booking to another camping area at Inskip Point or modify their existing booking have until 12pm on Monday, November 29. 

Bookings can also be cancelled, with a full refund.

It is important for campers to:

Maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene

Wash hands frequently with soap and water particularly after toilet visits and before preparing food or eating.

Bring your own water supply, soap, and if possible, bring your own portable toilet

Ensure every camper has their own personal towel for hand drying

Maintain safe physical distancing

Make sure you always carry a face mask and wear it if you can’t maintain social distancing measures