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Burnett River flood warning reduces to minor level

Road closed due to flooding sign Gympie Regional Council

A flood warning for the Burnett River now sits at a minor level, following moderate warnings which remained at weekend.

The Bureau of Meteorology says the river at Bundaberg is currently at 2.47 metres and falling, with levels expected to remain below the minor flood level today.

Chief Superintendent Rob Boniwell is issuing a plea for locals to be prepared for any future severe weather events.

Cars and people have been swept away by raging flood waters across the Wide Bay and Burnett in recent days, with SES crews responding to 200 calls for help over the weekend.

Superintendent Boniwell says 16 of those calls were for flood boat rescues.

The clear message to our communities is be safe, stay safe, and don't take unnecessary risks," He says.

"We want to make sure that our people are safe, so if you don't have to make that journey, back it up. Don't enter into flood waters, and the key message that we always tell our people is if it's flooded, forget it."