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Six new Queensland Covid-19 deaths

Six people - including one in their 20s - have died in Queensland as a result of Covid in the last 24 hours.

All had been vaccinated, but also had severe underlying conditions, according to the state's Chief Health Officer..

There's also been a 10 percent increase in the numbers being treated for Covid in Queensland hospitals over the same period.

The state recorded nearly 18,000 Covid cases overnight - with more than 640 Covid patients being treated in hospitals, including 46 in intensive care.

CHO John Gerrard says with Queensland approaching the peak of Omicron infections, if people have flu like symptoms it is likely they have Covid-19 - and should get a PCR test or take a Rapid Antigen Test.

However he also says if that is not possible, people should just stay home and isolate.

He said if people are having difficulty breathing walking a short distance like between rooms in a house then an ambulance should be called - and people should also go to hospital if they have significant chest pain.