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Satefy warning for drivers, following dozens of fatalities on local roads


We're being urged to be aware of the fatal five, this National Road Safety Week.

It comes after more than 100 people have lost their lives on Queensland roads since the start of this year, as of May 8th there had been 24 in the North Coast region (which encompasses Bundaberg) alone.

Federal Assistant Minister for Road Safety Scott Buchholz is urging residents and motorists driving through regional areas in particular to stay safe, with more fatalities on regional roads than metropolitan areas.

"Surprisingly enough, most accidents can happen 10km from home and you are more than four times likely to be involved in a serious or critical injury on a regional road," Mr Buchholz says.

"Drive to the conditions - just because it says 100km doesn't mean you have to do 100km, drive to the conditions of the road.

"Try to get home safe, the greatest gift you can give your family is yourself."

Mr Buchholz says many road accidents are preventable.

"It's so important that we acknowledge that fatal five," Mr Buchholz says.

"It's important that we are not distracted, it's important that we are driving to the conditions, we are seat belted up and were are not driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or fatigue."

Police will be patrolling our roads over the next seven days, cracking down on the dangerous driving behaviours.