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Alarming rise in boat rescues


Locals are being urged to triple check their equipment and safety procedures before hitting the water.

The Bundaberg-based RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter has responded to six boat-related missions in just three weeks.

It's one of the service's highest call out rates for the incidents.

Crews are concerned the numbers could continue to increase over the school holidays as more people take boats out.

LifeFlight Rescue pilot Tony Miller says people need to plan ahead.

"You could be the only people that can do something to save your lives so rehearsing those sort of things ... what if you get a leak, what if the engine doesn't start?" he says.

"You're more mentally prepared if they do happen."

Mr Miller is also reminding boaties that life jackets are essential, especially for children.

"Whether you're going a long way from shore or not the little fellow should have that safety kit on because the adults may not have time to do that for them," he says.

Image: RACQ LifeFlight Rescue