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Inflation takes a toll on Bundaberg horticulture

Vegetable stock. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday July 30, 2014. See PA story HEALTH Vegatables. Photo credit should read: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

The rising cost of living is dominating conversations among locals and our farmers aren't any different.

Data set to be released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics this week is expected to show inflation has accelerated at its fastest pace since 1990.

Growers, who are already battling unseasonal rain and a prolonged wet season, are feeling the impact.

Beemart CEO Steve Barnes says the industry is now facing increased insurance, labour and production costs.

"Our input costs relating to fertilisers and chemicals, one if you can get them, secondly what you apply, is up 200-300 per cent," he says.

A cut to the fuel excise earlier this year was supposed to bring relief, but Mr Barnes says it's had little impact because of a prior road transport deal.

"Of that 30 cents saving that they supposedly gave to us we only actually received 4 cents," he says.

"Our Adblue that we have to put in with our diesel has dramatically gone up in price because of the shortage of urea and where it's being produced."

The costs are have a direct impact on fruit and vegetable prices.

Locals are being urged to still support local growers through buying in season products, such as avocados.

Image: AAP