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A ten-year-old girl met the Life Flight crew who airlifted her to the Sunshine Coast, when she was hit by a bus in Agnes Water.

Her mother Dimmity Ward said when she received the phone call seven month ago, she was shopping in Gladstone.

“As a parent you always say your worst nightmare is that phone call. That middle of the night phone call or that knock on the door.

“I got in the car and drove an hour and a half to Agnes Water.”

Tembi nearly lost her feet, after the wheels of the bus ran over her lower body.

“Tembi de-gloved both her feet, she took the whole top off her left foot,” Mrs Ward said.

“Doctors had to remove the muscle from the inner thigh and transplant it on to her left foot and there was lot of skin grafting.”

Life Flight paramedic Nigel Beyer attended to Tembi that day in December, which he remembers clearly.

“Her injuries were quite significant and very painful, so at first we were having difficulty getting her on top of that pain.”

Mrs Ward said it was special to be able to thank the Life Flight crew seven months on.

“They’re amazing. The difference in having them and not having them is the difference between Tembi having her feet and not having her feet.”

Tembi is recovering nicely and is back at school every day until 1pm.

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