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"Wonder Women" Duo to take on "Cleopatra"

Even though we are still waiting for the latest instalment of the "Wonder Woman" franchise to be released it's star Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins are set to take their creative chemistry from the those films and apply it to one of the most famous women in ancient history with a new drama based on “Cleopatra” the legendary queen of Egypt. The story will be written by Laeta Kalodridis who penned "Shutter Island", "Alexander" and "Alita: Battle Angel and as Gal Gadot mentioned in her tweet will be told "through women's eyes".

Over the years there has been a number of actresses who have played the part, probably non more famous than the portrayal by Elizabeth Taylor in a film so spectacular in 1963 that it nearly sent the studio 20th Century Fox bankrupt.

For example the budget for Dame Elizabeth Taylor's costumes alone was said to be $194,800 and was the highest ever for a single screen actress. There were sixty-five costumes with one dress made from 24-carat gold cloth.

No release date is announced and no doubt there'll be more details soon.