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Mass job hiring in SA to build frigates

The hiring of hundreds of workers to build Adelaide's new naval shipyards starts this week.

Up to 600 jobs will be created to build the infrastructure for future construction of Australia's frigates at the Osborne South Shipyard, with construction group Lendlease winning the tender for the project.

The job offers come at a perfect time for the workers finishing up at the Holden plant next week, Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne says.

He said the skills base of the workers at the Elizabeth car manufacturing site would seamlessly transfer to shipbuilding.

"And the construction, of course, is also very similar skills," he said.

"Many of those Holden workers, if they wish to, who haven't already found pathways for employment should be looking here for work and that's only going to get more and more."

Mr Pyne said the about 1200 workers already employed at the Australian Submarine Corporation were virtually guaranteed one of the 5000 placements set to be on offer once boats begin construction.

"Anyone with a pulse who's working in shipbuilding in Australia, let alone in Adelaide, will get jobs in the future frigates, offshore patrol vessels and submarines projects," he said.

"And any suggestion to the contrary is faintly ludicrous."

The $35 billion frigates project will build nine ships, with construction expected to start in 2020.

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