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Four nabbed in Sydney cocaine sting

Two suspected cocaine dealers have been charged in a police sting in inner Sydney.

Police allegedly saw a man, 33, and woman, 30, briefly enter vehicles at Woolloomooloo at different times on Saturday night.

Both were stopped by officers afterwards and were allegedly found with cocaine. They have been given notices to appear in court for drug possession.

Police said they also stopped two drivers, men aged 33 and 20.

The 33-year-old was found with $1200 which police say was the proceeds of crime.

Officers allegedly found 46 bags of cocaine and cash in the 20-year-old's car.

Both men were charged with drug supply and dealing with the suspected proceeds of crime.

The younger man is set to face the Parramatta Local Court on Sunday while the 33-year-old is due in the Downing Centre Local Court on July 23.

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