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Birds seized in Victoria cockfighting raid

Birds trained for cockfighting have been seized during a raid on a Melbourne property.

RSPCA inspectors raided the west Melbourne address last Thursday, seizing the birds that appeared trained to fight one another and were wearing spurs.

Cockfighting devices were also found.

"The evidence allegedly points to the fact the birds had been trained to fight one another wearing spurs, in barbaric cockfighting activities," the RSPCA said in a statement on Tuesday.

Drugs were also found and police were notified.

A 60-year-old Sunshine West man has been charged with trafficking and possession of the drug ice, and bailed to appear at Sunshine Magistrates Court on December 5.

Cockfighting is illegal in Australia and it is also illegal to possess any associated equipment.

Despite its illegality, cockfighting still occurs in Australia as a form of entertainment and is often associated with other illegal activities, such as gambling.

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