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Twitter trials user control of replies

Twitter is testing new settings which will allow users to control who is allowed to reply to their posts on the social media platform, a potential major change.

Until now, any user could reply to any public post on Twitter. Those replies would be visible below the original posting.

In some cases, this allowed for open conversations, and was seen as a virtue. In other instances, the replies devolved into nonsense or insults.

Abuse on Twitter has become a theme of recurring complaints against the company.

"Reply guys" has become a term for users who incessantly reply to other people's posts in a bothersome or obsessive manner.

Twitter recently began to roll out a feature letting users hide certain replies.

The new setting, which is not universality available yet, allows users to choose if they want to allow replies from everyone, only people they follow or specific other users.

The feature was formally acknowledged by Twitter in a post that immediately got thousands of replies, including by users demanding other changes.

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